South Batan Itinerary | Casscapades in Batanes

My awesome tour guide intended the second day which was actually my birthday for the South Batan tour to make my day extra special. He said South Batan is his favorite and I would surely enjoy the trip. Sure enough, I had the best birthday celebration yet!

First Stop: Chawa Viewing Deck

I cannot even begin to describe just how lit the view is.


Chawa Viewing Deck West View


Chawa Viewing Deck South View Batanes

Chawa Viewing Deck South View


There’s a stair going down to enjoy the sight of big waves hitting the rocks with vigor but I opted not to go down because I do not want to exhaust myself.

Chawa Viewing Deck East View Batanes

Chawa Viewing Deck East View


Second stop: Mahatao Boat Shelter 

The boat shelter port was built to protect Batan Island’s boats from storms

Mahatao Boat Shelter Batanes

Top View

Mahatao Boat Shelter Batanes



Third Stop: San Carlos Borromeo Church 

This has got to be my favorite church in Batanes. I was able to pray peacefully and I felt closer to God. It was clean, well kept and there’s a booklet that is available for you to write on about your experience in Batanes.  Read more about the history of the church here.

Mahatao, Batanes

San Carlos Borromeo Church


San Carlos Borromeo Church

The inside of the church


San Carlos Borromeo Church

The church’s door which I found to be mysterious and confusing for some reason


Fourth Stop: Blue Lagoon

Tour guide said that this is a favorite hang out place for Ivatans during holidays and summer. Opted not to go down since I didn’t have any plans on going swimming.


Fifth Stop: House of Dakay 

Oldest surviving stone house in Batanes and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Building.

House of Dakay Batanes



Sixth Stop: Honesty Store 

Knew about this store from Toni G. and Coco Martin’s movie You’re My Boss and became more obsessed about going to Batanes. Didn’t buy anything from this store because the store was packed with people that I opted not stay longer.

Honesty Store Batanes

Honesty Store


Seventh Stop: Mutchong View Point 

Ahhhhh, my second favorite spot in Batan! Get me a shade, books, good music, a companion that I can have a sensible conversation with and I could stay in this place for a whole day just watching the magical view. Ughhhhh. I can’t even! Tour guide said that it’s also nice to watch the sunrise from here. Would love to experience that soon!

Mutchong View Point Batanes

Mutchong View Point


Eighth Stop: Alapad Rock Formation

Aside from the magnificent rock formations, this place is also popular because of the scene from Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez’s 1991 movie “Hihintayin Kita sa Langit” where the “i-Dawn Zulueta mo ako!” line was created. Couples that visit this place are fond of mimicking the scene; but since I am single, I settled on getting a strong, independent woman kind of photo. Lol.

Alapad Rock Formation Batanes



Ninth Stop: Racuh A Payaman or Marlboro Country 

I have no words for this place. It’s simply stunning! The view of the ocean with Mr. Iraya in the background is to die for! I took a lot of photos in this place but not one can justify just how beautiful the area is!

Marlboro Country Batanes


Racuh A Payaman Batanes

Mt. Iraya


Marlboro Country Batanes



Racuh A Payaman Batanes

unlimited happiness


Tenth and last stop: Tayid Lighthouse 

Same sentiments for Racuh A Payaman or Marlboro Country, the Tayid lighthouse basically has the same view. However, I had more fun in this place because I was able to sit down on the lighthouse’s pavement at the backyard and enjoyed the view for two hours while talking to my tour guide about my poor life choices. Poor guy had to listen to me talk about myself for a couple of hours. Lol. But it was my birthday so I took advantage of the “privilege” while I watched the ocean kissed the shore as well as the clouds slowly leaving the tip of the mountain to reveal the beauty of Mt. Iraya. Literally one of the best days of my life!

Tayid Lighthouse Batanes

front view with Mt. Iraya in the background

Tayid Lighthouse

Tayid lighthouse’s backyard view




We had lunch at Paulvana’s in Mahatao. The package lunch was worth 300 pesos, good for two. Package consisted of three viands and a plate of rice. Food was really great! Though I only ate a portion because my body’s allergic to rice (sad story really, massive swelling is involved) and I am not allowed to eat pork. The pinakbet was really delish. It was also my first time to eat turmeric rice. Place was cozy and excellent customer service.












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