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Third day of my Batanes trip was dedicated for Sabtang Island. The day started pretty rough because I woke up with one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had. There was also an ugly swelling on my right eye that wouldn’t stop from watering.



Swollen right eye and nose. No makeup but kilay is life. Haha!


I figured I got really exhausted from the South Batan tour the day before and it’s my scumbag lupus infected body’s awful revenge on me because I wanted to be happy on my birthday. Fvck me, right? It was very frustrating and I will never get used to this chronic pain. Putting on my contact lenses was painful so I left that off and chose to put on sunglasses albeit the blurry eyesight and just brought with me my glasses. I was like “Not today bitch. I’m going to enjoy my last day in Batanes and take photo ops. Sue me!”. I took two pills of painkillers for the headache and throbbing pain on my right eye. Thank God, it worked after two hours.



Still managed to take a selfie to check if I looked terrible. Haha!

The public boat going to Sabtang Island from Ivana port has only one schedule per day and it’s at 6AM. The tour guide and I left Ysabelle Homestay at 5:30 since Ivana port is a 30-minute trike ride from Basco. I forgot to take photos of the port because I was too focused on my suffering. Lol. We arrived at the San Vicente Ferrer port in Sabtang at 7am.


First Stop: Savidug Village 

The village consists mostly of stone houses.




Sabtang Batanes

The village’s neat chapel


Sabtang Batanes

A deserted stone house just beside the chapel.


Second Stop: Chamantad View Point 

Again, photos cannot justify just how beautiful this place is. Tour guide said that this is one of the areas where Yeng Constantino filmed her “Ikaw” video. Not a fan of that song but I checked the video just now, I actually cried. The passion on that video is too damn high. Hands down to Yeng! I can’t stop crying. Geez! I am such an emotional wreck.


Chamantad View Point



Chamantad View Point



Chamantad View Point





with Rens, my awesome tour guide/driver/photographer/videographer. Lahat na! Mabuhay ka talaga Rens! Hehehe!


Third Stop: Chavayan Village 

A tiny Ivatan village where the Sabtang Weaver’s Association is located. You can learn more about this village here.




Sabtang Batanes

Stone Houses



Sabtang Island Batanes

An Ivatan woman with a Vacul headress. She is the oldest weaver in the island.



Kanayi Batanes

A Kanayi- vest for men


Fourth Stop: Morong Beach 

Morong Beach is where the iconic Nakabuang Arch is located. The beach isn’t that impressive since I live in Davao where beaches are more breathtaking and the waves are nothing compared to my favorite Dahican. But being the beach bum that I am, I still had fun playing with the waters.





Nakabuang Arch Batanes

The iconic Nakabuang Arch










There is also one trip per day for Sabtang Island to Batan Island and it’s at 1pm. The travel back to Batan was terrifying! It was like my Surigao City-Siargao boat ride all over again. The sea waves were 2-3 meters big that even if I know how to swim, I still put on my life jacket just in case. However, the tour guide assured me that everything’s going to be okay and the boat driver can pilot the strong waves. I still had mini heart attacks though. Lol.







I had lunch at Paypanapanayan Canteen located in Morong Beach. The lunch package was worth 300 pesos with 3 viands, a plate of rice, juice and one dessert (bokayo). I asked the tour guide if he can eat with me since I couldn’t finish everything. I was so surprised when he said that they are not allowed to eat with the guests. Of course I got mad, who would want to eat alone, right? So I broke the rules and asked the restaurant if I can have the tour guide eat with me. They were hesitant at first but were nice enough to give in to my request. Food was great, though I again only ate a portion of each viand and a small amount of rice in fear of a flare attack. But I had too much of Lunes, a dried pork adobo because it was too tasty. I loved it! Tour guide jokingly said that if I asked what’s the name of the next viand, he would’ve answered Martes. Funny, funny, funny. Very, very, very. I laughed anyway. Lol.










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