Natural Look Make-Up Base Cream For Only 20 Pesos? No Way!

Yes way! But before I share this amazing product let me tell you that I am a huge fan of Revlon liquid foundations. I love them to bits! I have been using it for almost 8 years. I would feel awfully uncomfortable going out of the house without putting my desired amount of that fine liquid on my face. (Have you ever had that feeling? Like you feel naked without putting on that everyday accessory?  Share your stories on my facebook page, I would definitely love to hear from you! See yah!)

Anyway, so here  is the story on how I got to know about this product. I had a huge financial problem early this year. That was like the rock bottom point for me. I couldn’t even afford a new cheap strapless bra to replace my very worn out bra so that I can wear strapless clothes on my gigs.. That’s unfortunate event #1. Unfortunate event #2: To my horror, my most precious last bottle of Revlon liquid foundation dropped it’s very last cry. It rolled on my fingertip, acting like its feeling sorry for me. The nerve! How could they go empty that fast?! Unfortunate event #3: I cannot afford a 900 pesos worth of Revlon Liquid Foundation at that time. The good thing is, I still have my complete set of make-ups minus the foundation. Without the money to buy my precious RLF, I had to resort into buying this famous multi-level company’s product, one month to pay (familiar?) and cheap liquid foundation. Would you consider 480 pesos cheap find if the foundation made you look like those sales ladies in Gmall (no offense) who have more white faces than those chinese dolls? No way!

Okay fine, I’m already mumbling here and you are like waiting for the highlight of this blog at this very moment. Patience streetsmarties!

I got to know about this product on a Gensan trip with my two good friends Ai and Rhoy. So Ai and I were putting our make up on and Rhoy (who is a handsome man by the way) started to apply this cream on his face. Ai and I got weirded out with the whole man-applying-a-cream-on-his-face-thing that we asked him what it is. He laughed and said, “this product can work magic on your faces!”. Of course, we instantly tried in and in just 60 seconds we looked like supermodels! or so we thought.. but seriously? It was like wearing my Revlon make up again!

The secret? iWhite Korea! The plastic bottle is worth 170 and you can use it for up to six months depending on your usage. It also offers sachet packages that’s worth 20 pesos only. The sachet can last up to two weeks. I told you, YES WAY!

Here is the photo of me using Revlon and iWhite.

Amazing eh? I will still buy Revlon though if I already have the money! But for now, I am most satisfied with this product!

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