My WCOPA 2015 Journey (Part 3): Competition Week

I’ve mentioned in my WCOPA 2015 Journey Part 1 blog that we arrived in LA on July 8. The competition week for WCOPA formally started on July 10, so we had the whole day of the 9th and the 10th to rest, stroll nearby Long Beach streets and adjust to the time difference to our delight.
Orientation and Registration Day: July 11
You know that feeling you get when it’s the first day of school and you are so excited to meet your new classmates and when you finally meet them, you immediately take a mental note on who to bully, who to befriend with and who to not get in the circle of your squad? That is exactly what I felt when I entered the Centennial Ballroom of The Westin where the orientation took place. Along with Team Philippines, delegates from 52 countries swarmed the room. Team Philippines got its first medal that day for winning 3rd place on the Group Production contest.
Registration Day
Christian Bahaya of Y-Fi and Juliet Bahala, excited for the Orientation

Selfie for your life!
Team Philippines being awarded as the third placer for group production. Yay! 

After the program, WCOPA officials handed us our handbooks and yearbooks. Since there were a lot of us, it took some time to distribute the kits which was good because I got to meet and befriended delegates from other countries.

Puerto Rico


New Zealand, who are Filipinos btw! 🙂

with my WCOPA kit and yearbook
Parade of the Nations: July 12
This day was nothing but fun! Aside from having Mr. Jed Madela himself, being the main performer for the program and 5th Gen pumping up the crowd with their awesome number, Philippines bagged 2nd place for the Best in National Costume. Other countries also showcased their national costumes. They were really fun to watch.  
5th Gen with Jed Madela

5th Gen on stage
One of the best Filipiniana gowns I’ve seen worn by fellow delegate from Manila and  Gold medalists, Princess

with the very beautiful Stella from New Zealand 🙂

Pueto Rico bagged the best National Costume 

with one of my favorite people in the world and Davao delegate’s father in the US, Sir Cacho
Competition Day 1: July 13 
My roommate and co-Davao delegate Juliet Bahala along with Rigel Micolob, Manila delegates and Cebu delegates ages 16-17 and 18-24 competed on this day. There were over 50 delegates from 52 countries for over 10 styles that it took the whole day for everyone to compete. I spent most of the day watching and supporting for Team Philippines but jet lag got through me by 3pm that I had to go upstairs and sleep. LOL. But Team Philippines was very supportive of each other that my absence was not a loss at all.

Juliet’s outfit for her winning performance in opera style design by Mr. Benjie Panizales

Rigel in her outfit for her winning performance in Rock RnB style

Competition Day 2: July 14

I finally got to compete this day and I was more than ready. My contenders were really good, especially Jamaica and Hongkong but I was very confident that I was able to deliver my styles really well. Our Junior category delegate from Davao, Jona Soquite also got to compete after our category who also rocked the stage.

I didn’t have the time to take pictures of my outfit and I now regret it but I took a selfie right before my performance and this outfit was what I wore for my winning performance in contemporary style

Jona performing “Home” for broadway style
After our competition, the Philippines hosted the “Filipino night” or the Champion Circle Night for the very first time. It was held at the Worldstars Village in front of Long Beach Performing Arts Center. There were a showcase of Filipino Talents that evening. Davao’s very own Zhalia, Y-Fi and Rigel Micolob were among the performers that night. Of course it wouldn’t be a Champion’s Circle Night without 5th Gen and Jed Madela who unsurprisingly wowed the crowd with their powerful voices and awesome production numbers.

Jed Madela

a very vague picture of 5th Gen’s performance. Sorry, I just grabbed these photos from Rigel, so blame her. Hahaha!

YFi, Zhalia and Rigel 

The Ms. Congeniality awardee of WCOPA 2015, performing on Filipino night, Rigel. She’s a crowd favorite!

Competition Day 3: The Semi-Finals July 15
Results for those who got in in the semis were scheduled to be released at 7AM that day so we woke up really early for it. Among the Davao delegates, only Y-Fi, Zhalia and Jona Soquite got in.

Y-Fi (Young Filipinos)
from left: Christian Bahaya, Darwin Divino, Jr Estudillo, Joemark Tumala and Archie Udaundo
from left: Jetz Tacsanan, Shaira Opsimar and Julia Serad
Davao Delegate’s baby, Jona Soquite 

Although I am really happy and proud for my fellow delegates, I got extremely sad that day. I spent most of the day crying and eating Nutella. HAHAHAHA! What? I needed happy endorphins! Of course I expected to get in to the finals. I went to the US to compete and was aiming to win so my reaction was normal, really. But it only lasted for I think 8 hours because my lovely mom made me eat at In and Out burger (which is a California thing apparently) and brought me to Downtown Disney. And since I have shallow happiness, my day ended up really well in spite of myself.

me at Downtown Disney 
Only Y-Fi and Jona Soquite among the Davao delegates made it to the Finals which is what I am gonna talk about on my next blog. 😉

Link to Part 1 is already in the first sentence of this blog. Part 2 is poorly written because I was so tired the day I wrote it but I linked it anyway because I am classy like that. Hahaha!

photo credits: Abby Mercado, Rigel Micolob, Y-Fi facebook page, Zhalia facebook page  
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