My First Time To Love At First Sight

It was that Good Friday of 2013 (last year) when I first saw him. It was unexpected actually. We weren’t supposed to meet. Me and my friends had plans but I have heard so much about him and I have this urgent need to see him that day so I asked my brother if he could drive me to his place. My brother was hesitant to go because he was tired but because he loves his elder sister dearly and I think he pitied me and my pathetic love life that time, so he agreed. (He bribed me into buying him a pack of cigarette though, totally worth it!).

The 45 minute ride from our vacation house in Banaybanay, Davao Oriental was probably one of the longest rides in my life. I just couldn’t wait. I was so excited to see him because I heard he was so handsome that you can’t help but dip into his hotness..
And they were right.. ladies and gentlemen, my first time to love at first sight and his name is Dahican Beach.
He’s sooooo handsome right??
I have always been a beach bum. Bohol beaches, Cebu beaches, Boracay Beaches, Samal beaches but nothing beats Dahican Beach for me!
Me with my beloved Dahican
See the color of that ocean? That is the actual color of Dahican beach! It’s sooooo BLUE! It is soooo enticing that I believe I stared at my beloved Dahican for a good 30 minutes before saying goodbye. I would have loved to dip in but as what I’ve said, my friends and I have other plans so we had to leave immediately.
It was August 25, 2013 when I came back to see my beloved. I was so sick that time that I had to stop working by July. I got very depressed, bored and impatient. I need to be healed emotionally and I knew the only thing that could make me happy was to go to the beach, and it has to be Dahican beach! So I dragged along my favorite travel buddies with me!

My friends and I took a quick stop to take a pic of this famous spot in Davao Oriental. You will see this place as you enter the first town in Davao Oriental which is named Banaybanay. And this town is where I spent the first 12 years of my life. 😉
My beautiful friends having fun while taking a pic in our vacation house.
The famous Sleeping Dinosaur Island which you can see along the way to Mati City
Aside from being the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been into, Dahican is my favorite beach because you get to enjoy nature’s best without having to spend much. Which is the motto of The Streetsmart Fashionista!
From Davao City to Mati City (which is where Dahican beach is), you just have to spend Php 1500-2,000 on gasoline (diesel) if you have a car. Dahican Beach strip doesn’t require any entrance fee. You can practically go there even if you only have gasoline money and some home cooked food which is what we did. If you don’t want to dip in and just want to enjoy the sight, you can build a tent or set your hammock on trees in the area.
Our tent, a plastic container with rice that we cooked at home, some booze and a soy sauce hahaha!
Friends and I enjoying our lunch, snacks and some tequila in the middle of the shore.
Happiness! 🙂
There are actually resorts in Dahican Strip if you are more into cottages and rest houses for an overnight stay. There’s Kanakbai, Botona and Dahican Surf Resort. I’ve never been into one of these resorts though I passed by them and they looked like good resorts. Just check out the links for their rates and amenities.
Dahican is becoming one of the country’s Top Beach Destinations that event organizers have held parties here and of course, I didn’t miss it for the world!
Last October 25, 2013, Mustard Seed Events of Davao City organized the Sembreak 2013 Beach Party.
Sorry for the duckface, I tend to do that when drunk. Lol. Here with my best pals Deng and Ken.

with Mae and Pearl, beautiful ladies 😉

The beach party was actually held in Sibala Beach Resort which is roughly 5 minutes away from the Dahican Beach Strip. I wouldn’t say that the event was organized well. I would be lying if I say it wasn’t fun either. The party was fun, mostly because Deuce Manila and my favorite Dj Rod Rodriguez from Magic 89.1 Davao were there and that I was finally able to party under a pouring rain. What I didn’t like about the experience was the location. The beach in Sibala Resort is almost impossible to enjoy because of the rocky beach bed so you have to get on a trike or a motorcycle for 20 pesos so that you can finally enjoy Dahican’s beach without fatal wounds on your feet or legs. There were also times that the party music got cut off because of a short circuit or something. Which was awkward… But I still enjoyed it!
The second beach party that was held in Dahican was the most talked about Summerfrolic 2014 which was held last April 4-5. The party started on April 4 but because all of my travel buddies including me have jobs til the 4th, we opted to attend on the last day of the party instead. The location was great because it’s on the actual Dahican Strip which was really nice!
What I particularly loved about the event was the many activities that it held. We got there at 2PM and it was not that hard to set out our tent and hammocks.
Beach Volleyball
Friends enjoying the beach and watching the beach volleyball
While I slept on my favorite boyfie-made-hammock tired from my graveyard shift and a swollen feet. LOL
There were a lot of available food kiosks too! We immediately divulged on food of course, being the food lover that we are before heading to join our favorite activity on that event which is the color dash!
Party music started around 6PM but we were still too tired to party, besides there were still a few people in the party area so we decided to drink our favorite tequila on the shore.

As what I’ve mentioned, I was sooo tired from my graveyard shift that I actually just fell asleep the whole night and never joined the party.

My friends were able to enjoy it though and they said that it was really fun! I even had fun just listening to them! I heard stories about boys and their fascinations with my friends and some relationship turned sour but was immediately fixed the next morning. Hahahaha! The only thing that I didn’t like about the Summerfolic 2014 event was the lack of communication from staff to staff. One staff told us that we have to buy color dust because it’s not free so we bought Php 200 worth of color dust. Turned out we have one free color dust each! We completely wasted our 200 bucks and have to force ourselves to finish it all and throw it to people who don’t know what a color dash party means (One person got annoyed when I threw a color dust at him and gave me the “I-kill-you” look, so I threw more color dust at him. My pleasure!). Other than that, the whole experience was better than the Sembreak ’13 event.

The FrolicFox Stage with the Dj’s and Dancers. Nice stage!
I think I will never ever get tired of loving Dahican Beach. I just hope that the local government will preserve it’s natural beauty. It’s definitely one of the places in the Philippines that I am most proud of. Dahican made me love him at first sight.
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