My 99 Peso Bag Organizer

I’ve always had an OCD problem ever since I can remember. I don’t like having it because it usually stresses me out from the littlest things. Everything has to go my way. From cleaning the house, to storing my meds, storing food, to organizing my son’s daily schedule, everything needs to be immaculate in my eyes and mind. So when I noticed my bags just sitting on top of my make up table, almost decaying because of my lack of care (got too busy earning money), I was completely horrified. I had to do something!
It’s not easy having the need to organize everything, and it doesn’t come cheap too! Most of these organizing stuff are expensive. You have to be really creative to be able to afford these organizing kits, stands and closets especially if you are on a tight budget. I’m glad I have that talent.
Checked at a local Home Decor Store and is priced at Php 2,800
It was actually pure luck when I found my 99 peso bag organizer. I was originally looking for wood hangers to organize my belts and necklaces when I saw them and I thought, “I could use this for my bags too!”. And it didn’t fail me!
One hanger can hold up to 20 sling bags!
Wooder Hanger -SM Lanang Home Supplies Department
I use it as a  necklace organizer too!
You can also use it to organize your belts. It can hold up to 20 necklaces, 10 belts, 6 big bags and 20 sling bags. I just recently held a garage sale and my things are almost sold out so I can’t take a picture of the wooden hanger holding that much since I only have a few of my things left. I have yet to fill it again! Haha!  
I bought 4 of these wooden hangers and they only cost me Php 396.00. Way cheaper than Php 2,800 plus they look posh so it’s a steal!
Always remember to Stay Classy, be a Streetsmart Fashionista!
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