My 12 peso natural-looking-falsies

As a self-proclaimed Streetsmart fashionista ambassador, I get so much happiness from discovering a cheap find.

I have a thing for natural looking falsies. I love how it can dramatically change your looks. I used to purchase my falsies online for 600 pesos per 10 pcs. The product that I was using before that was for 275/pair so I thought that it was already a steal.
The 275/pair falsies
The 600/10pcs falsies. Sorry I don’t have a colored pic for this one. I only grabbed it in my “selfie” album. Can you believe that? I have a selfie album. Hahaha!
Last Sunday, I went to a Supermarket near my place to buy some groceries. I went inside the department store because I needed something for the house. I passed by the store’s small make-up department (uh-oh!) and something caught my eye. It’s a natural looking eyelash! I picked it up and guess what?! They are selling it for only 12 pesos!


I already used the lashes by the time I took this pic so it looks kinda messy. Sorry!


No, NCCC did not pay me to do this blog, I wish!
Imagine my excitement! That’s 120 pesos per 10 pcs. OMG! I had some doubts about it’s quality though, after all, most of the cheap stuff I find are not that reliable, it’s still quality over price; I was wondering if it would work with the falsie glue I have and if it would be easy to put on so I only bought one. Guess what? It worked!
me wearing the falsies
Amazing right?! But wait, there’s more! So of course I posted this pic on my personal facebook page, and the first thing I read this morning was a comment from Tita Annie Mercado, wife of Tito Gerry Mercado (Manager of Jed Madela and also the director of WCOPA Philippines, Tita Annie is also the Aunt of Jed);
Now that would be another story though. Will keep you guys posted! Don’t forget. Stay classy, be a Streetsmart Fashionista! 🙂
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