May Divino: Family is Everything

Mrs. May B. Divino is a 48 year old, gorgeous mother of 7 who along with her husband, owns and manages Wheels Parts and Industrial Supply located in Guerrero St., Davao City.




Having been pregnant at 20 years old, out of wedlock and undergraduate, Mrs. Divino sees her wedding and graduation day as one of her life highlights and major achievements. She said it’s because she considers studying in Cebu City while having to leave her first born in Davao to finish her pharmacy degree in SWU, as the most challenging moment in her life. However, it didn’t stop her from finishing her degree, eventually marrying the baby daddy who is the love of her life and helping the husband grow their family business while raising seven children.




Mrs. Divino’s daily schedule consists of taking care of the kids, the business, checking important papers, attend client meetings and making sure to seal business deals. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to make time for her children from the smallest to the biggest things- like personally teaching them on exam weeks, helping them on their school projects, attending school meetings, recitals, speeches or singing engagements of his son Darwin Divino who is a member of Davao’s most promising boy band “Y-Fi” or “Young-Filipinos”. When asked how she manages everything, she simply said that her family is her inspiration and they make her happy.




Tita May, as I fondly call her, loves spending her free time by eating out, going to church every Sunday, and  travelling with her big family. Her husband and children give her so much pride and joy that her biggest fear is losing them.

“Work hard and say a lot of prayer everyday. Fight for your children, be strong for your children, spend time with them because when they grow up they cannot be with you most of the time anymore. Family is everything. ” ~May Divino 


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