I made a huge mistake yesterday

Yesterday was Kanta-Kwento’s Press Launching. It’s an album produced by Muzic’sKool and my band GAP69 is part of the album.

Media Kit

my band’s description 🙂 
I wanted to look good. So I invested time in doing my make up. When I bought a Naked 3 palette two months ago, it came with a freebie Urban Decay primer. I have been using it ever since and have been very satisfied with its result so far. 

Yesterday was different though, While applying the primer on my brows and eyelids, I put a little too much that I had to spread some parts of it on my eye bags and on the side of my eyes. Then I thought, oh wow, this could make a great concealer! — BIG MISTAKE. It made my face look like a walking cake. Yummy but not acceptable. LOL.  
Sorry I had to make this face so that you can see the creases clearly. 
Wrinkles and eyebags EVERYWHERE!
If you noticed, my face was not flawless at all. The primer highlighted my eye bags, wrinkles and it made a lot of creases — THE HORROR!  I took selfies with my normal face but you can still see that the primer was not “normal looking” like how I wanted my prepped up face to look. 
To be fair, I took these photos 10 hours after putting my make up on. The eyebrows, eyeshadows and eyeliner are still there which means the primer did its job. However, I am in no way, making a primer my concealer again. Like, EVER! 
Wrapping up this blog with the album’s artists and press people from yesterday’s presscon. 
Artists featured in Kanta Kwento’s Album: 
1. Jizelle Dea Formilleza
2. Jet Tacsanan
3. Archie Uduando 
4. Shaira Opsimar
5. GAP69
6. Cacho Ferrero (Arranger)
7. Juliet Bahala
8. Y-Fi
9. Julia Serad
10. Rigel Micolob
11. Fusion Juice 
12. Jeremy Sarmiento (Composer) 
Artists with the press people
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