I Dated Myself For A Day and This Is What Happened

Yes, you read that right, I dated myself.

I am single and I currently don’t date (by choice, I just need to point that out, okay? Lol). I have no one to go out with. Two of my closest friends now live in Visayas (on two separate Philippine Islands), the other one can’t find time to meet-up because life, the other has new set of friends and we only see each other on singing gigs. My mom, who is my best friend, lives in New York and my son is now on his 1st Grade year which means he’s at school the whole day. I also can’t have intelligent and deep conversations with my PA because her mind lives in a totally different world.



My girls, miss you all! :'(



My male best friend who is also my singing partner since forever


I am not complaining, I know we all have to lead separate lives. It’s just that, it can get a little lonely. Working home base 80 hours a week stirs untouched emotions that needs detoxification. Although my friends and I chat virtually frequently, I still miss going out on a date with them.

Yesterday, I had chest pains again and flares. I didn’t want to go to the hospital because the thought of being in the emergency room again is depressing. My morning started a tad upsetting and I’ve had had enough of staying at home for the whole week (the past weeks) so I decided to go out, alone. I would normally have panic attacks going out of the house without a companion (t’was my PA’s rest day) but I braved that feeling and went out anyway.


The Date 


  1. First, I went to my favorite spa, Pressure Points where I had an hour of body scrub and an hour and 30 minutes of massage. 



Red bed was where I had my body scrub. White bed was where I had my Swedish massage. 


It’s been awhile since my last visit to this spa. I’ve been extremely busy since February this year. I was a bit sad to find out that my favorite therapist, May, already resigned. The spa replaced her with a really good therapist as well, her name is Jennifer (in case you want to visit the place). I first learned about this spa when a Facebook friend raved about them after a couple’s massage. I tried them the very same night and fell in love right away. Customer service is exceptional, they have a locker where you can leave your things, clean surroundings (which is very important to me) and free use of sauna with a glass of  Calamansi juice for refreshment. What I love most about the place is the privacy and tranquility while having your massage. They value silence as much as I do. No chitchats from the massage therapist about how miserable her life is or therapists asking personal questions just because. They just do their thing and make sure that you are at your most comfortable state. They also serve ginger tea every after massage which is one of the things that I always look forward to have. Lol. I had the best time yesterday!


2. Next, I went to SM Lanang and ate my favorite fast food meal



pic grabbed from my snapchat


Yes, my favorite fast food meal is KFC’s two piece chicken and mushroom soup (not in the pic) combo. I was too hungry to take a decent pic for the blog because I didn’t have lunch and it was almost 6PM. I wanted to eat somewhere fancy but I thought of the waiting time and I just couldn’t, so I decided to eat where I am going to be surely satisfied. The cashier was awesome too. I ordered two piece chicken and a mushroom soup. Normally, a two piece chicken would cost 158 and 40 pesos for the mushroom, 198 in total. But yesterday, I only got to pay 159 pesos. The cashier only punched in the 99 peso meal with mushroom and charged me for a single fried chicken. I saved 41 pesos! I didn’t even know I could do that. So for you 2 piece KFC chicken and mushroom soup lovers reading this, YOU’RE WELCOME.


3. I had my nails done at Nail-A-Holics 




I try my best to stay away from these kind of nail parlors (mall salons) because I think they rob people out, the services are freaking expensive! I also had a very bad service in Nail-A-Holics MOA when I was in Manila last year. But I knew I couldn’t find time to have my nails done in the next days so I decided against my standards and went ahead with Nail-A-Holics. No regrets! Jona, the nail technician was really good at what she does. I had the best time ever! I would still prefer having my nails done at my favorite salon where mani-pedi is only 140 pesos for both services, but Nail-A-Holics with Jona as the nail tech is definitely my second go-to for my nails.


Was it a good day? 

Oh my God, YES! I also did a little grocery shopping which is one of my favorite “adulting” chore. It was a bit weird going out alone. I did have some slight panic attacks specially in the mall’s elevator where I was surrounded with strangers, but aside from that, yesterday was fun. What I noticed was, I also didn’t get tired. I was out for 7 hours but I felt relaxed and at peace when I got home.



bought sweets on my way home


Surprisingly, I didn’t feel guilt leaving my son at home for a long period of time on a weekend, albeit this don’t happen often. I would normally worry about him not being happy without me, but yesterday, I was at ease. Maybe because he tricked me into buying him a pizza before I went out. Hahaha!



ain’t he a cutie? Love this dude to bits! photo sent by his aunt who was baby sitting him



I am not a loner, I hate being alone but I respect boundaries and preferences. I still believe though that nothing beats being with my loved ones, physically. I miss solid chit chats over a good coffee, taking photos of our OOTD’s, talking about someone that we hate, or just being with them.

But dating myself made me realize a lot of important things that I missed to embrace. That even without friends, I can still have a good time. That even without a boyfriend, or a husband, I can do whatever I want and actually afford them. That even if I am sick, I can still do things for me, for my family and for my friends. And then it hit me- I am not giving myself the proper credit that I deserve. Damn, I am indeed a superwoman!






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