How to look Gorgy, not Trashy and spend 500 pesos for everything!

I am a Virtual Assistant by profession but I sing for passion. As a singer and a performer, I constantly need new outfits so that I won’t have to wear the same set of dresses every gig. Since I was not born with a trust fund , I have to be smart in choosing what to wear without having to spend a lot and without looking cheap. Here’s a picture of my outfit from a gig last Saturday. 

Believe me or not, this outfit cost me 500 pesos. Bought the gladiator shoes for 150 pesos, dress for 250, ancient bracelet for 20 and earrings for 15 pesos. Impossible? Of course not! How did I ever get these things for such a cheap price? 


Rule #1: Take advantage of Facebook Online Sellers. 

It was not easy to find one. I have my share of buying stuff from online sellers and ended up disappointed because fabric was either cheap or it doesn’t have the right fit. Returning it would only make me upset because of the shipping fee and having to deal with the online sellers. I learned my lesson well. 


  •  Make sure that the online seller answer your questions and gives you the exact measurements of the dresses. If they don’t respond with enthusiasm, don’t trust that seller. Move on to the next one with nice collections and read the first sentence of this first tip again and then do the same thing until you find the one who answer your questions. 
  • As much as you can, AVOID SELLERS that are not in your area. Why? Because you have to pay the damn shipping fee! Shipping fees are what? 80-100 pesos. That could already buy you a really nice blouse! 
  • This does not apply to every online seller because I’m an avid fan of Kim’s Closet for almost three years now BUT, I would suggest finding an online seller who use their own profile for posting their collections. OR, posting their pictures on their pages. I judge them by their looks. No matter how rude that sounds, I do that. If a seller is pretty, then she has to have a good taste most probably! If the seller is not, well..  go figure. Lol. 
  • I followed these tips that’s why I got that 250 peso gorg dress. So believe me. HAHAHA!
Rule #1: Add rich and famous people in your Facebook profile! 

Why? Because they sell A LOT of awesome stuff at a tremendously low price every time they get bored looking at their closets! I got that Gladiator shoes from a famous model here in Davao and she sold it for only 150 pesos. Her shoes are of heavenly collection of sexy stilettos that are great finds! I couldn’t believe she sold them for an unbelievably low price that I bought 3 pairs of shoes from her. 

Rule #3: Always buy things that will suit your skin color, height and body shape!

Do I really need to explain why? I am sooo tired from work I can barely keep my eyes open hahaha! But really people, for the love of God, follow this third rule and you will definitely look gorgy and not trashy!

Oh! Before I forget, I bought my accessories at Butingthings Store in Uyanguren just beside DCLA mall. If you haven’t been there, GO PLEASE! You will be amazed at how many accessories you can buy in a hundred peso. For those who were already a fan of that store, GOOD FOR YOU! As for me, I need to sleep. I just have to finish this blog because I promised yesterday. Lol. 

Cheerio Streetsmarties! 

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