How To Fix A Broken Face Powder

Hello everyone! I have been very busy the past week that I wasn’t able to write a blog. I was originally thinking of blogging about How to make an 80 peso dress look like 10x it’s price but thanks to a batchmate, I have a better blog for you guys and it’s absolutely fantastic! Even I was amazed and thankful that this beautiful angel posted her powder problem in Facebook and I am very excited to share this to you!

Rosmar’s Mac Face Powder

When Rosmar (my batchmate) uploaded this broken Mac powder last Tuesday, I immediately felt bad for her. Why? Because it happens to me all the time and I know just how inconvenient a broken powder is! A broken powder is like a broken woman. It’ll make you feel it’s presence. Even if you try to fix it by throwing the broken pieces, it just won’t stop breaking! And if you are not that keen on taking care of it, it will keep on crying, breaking and spreading in just about every single stuff in your bag which is so annoying! (I told you, LIKE A BROKEN WOMAN) 

Anyway, I am so glad I commented because I got to read this girl’s comment about Michelle Phan’s tutorial on how to fix broken powders. I am such a fan of Michelle, in fact she’s one of the reasons why I spend a lot of my time watching videos in youtube because I am really into make-ups and hoping to be a MUA someday. 

Contouring my face (told ya, I’m a MUA aspirant. And no, I am not a frustrated MUA yet. Don’t judge me. LOL) 
So I immediately scoured for that tutorial that the girl was talking about and OMG, I was flabbergasted! I just couldn’t believe that I haven’t seen this video before! Would’ve saved me a lot of money from buying new face powders, eye shadows and highlighters every time I break one of them because as what I’ve said, it happens to me ALL THE TIME! I hate to admit it but yes, I am a clumsy woman that’s why I am soooo glad that I was able to find out about this! A little late, but it’s better late than never. 

And because this will surely help me a lot, I am sharing this to my Streetsmartie people so that you too can save your make ups and save your hard earned money (or your parents money)! 

I love Michelle, but this video is mostly focused on acting than teaching. I actually thought that the intro is just one of those annoying Ad that I searched for the Skip Ad link. Still helpful though and I was entertained by Michelle’s cuteness. The actual tutorial will start at 2:23 (You’re welcome) 

If you need a step by step procedure on how to make it right, here’s a video that I found and its from 2 years ago (Michelle’s video was uploaded 8 months ago). It’s a simple video but it’s precise and doesn’t have unnecessary scenes. Also, it’s obvious that Michelle used a new powder that was not used yet and purposely broke it for the tutorial. This video actually has a used powder that was obviously broken accidentally just like how normal people break theirs. 

I am really glad that I was able to know about this trick and I hope you guys are happy to find out about this as well. 

What face powder do you use by the way? I am currently addicted to Naturactor #230. I am going to blog about it soon. Hit the comment box and let me know about your favorite face powders. Any comments or tips that you want to share will be very much appreciated. 🙂  

Remember to Stay classy!  Have fun! Be a Streetsmart Fashionista! 
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