Gypsy Cafe – A Weekend That Was

If you are living in Davao, was on social media or watched the news last weekend, you would have known by now about the Roxas St. bombing last Friday in Davao City that took the lives of 15 innocent souls and injured many.

It was a really sad weekend for all of us. I was in tears for almost 48 hours. I grieved, I prayed, prayed harder and was scared. Really scared. Reading stories about dead mothers who left poor children behind is so heartbreaking that it was almost traumatic. Scenes about what could happen in the next days played on my mind that my motherly instinct instantly tells me not to leave the house.

By Saturday evening, I was a wreck. I needed to breathe. I needed to go out. But I was too terrified to go downtown. (I honestly didn’t do my groceries yet even if we have literally nothing on the fridge atm, you can never be too safe.) And then suddenly, my usually weak photographic memory reminded me of a cafe near our place that just opened the week before. Didn’t think twice, I had the son change from pj’s to a more casual clothing and went straight to the place.


Gypsy Cafe 


This cafe is in Orange building, just right beside Patok sa Manok Cabantian branch. The building is located just right beside the entrance of Victor’s Subdivision Cabantian.



The main road was jammed with traffic. It was impossible to get a clearer photo of the cafe’s front view.


The place was almost fully occupied when we got there that we had to settle ourselves on the second floor. I was immensely impressed with the interior design. The place is neat and homey. What is more impressive is the customer service. They gave my son a coloring paper and crayons. He’s an extremely playful child that he loves to run around when bored. The activity saved me from that stress because the son well behaved while we waited for our food.



The son, totally engrossed on his activity. Yay!



With the cousins



Another family occupying a larger table on the other side of the second floor.


The Interior 



Wooden stairs




Comfy and dainty tables and chairs



A really nice gypsy-like chandelier. Sia will be very happy!



Wall details



The bar in the first floor



Clean and dry (priority) washbin



Clean (priority!) comfort room



Okay, I am going to be extremely honest about this. The place is not that affordable for my liking or for a Davao par price. An affordable complete meal for me is below 200 pesos. Most of the meals in the menu (without rice) are beyond my standard price. If you are an average income family of 5, a dinner with a complete meal for each member would surely cost you bucks. That’s without starters and desserts. But hey, with a cool ambiance, neat place, a live band (a really good one) and marvelous customer service? I’M SOLD!













My son ordered cheese burger. It was really good because he finished it in no time considering that the burger is huge. We love the fact that it is not that saucy so lesser mess. The patty was also obviously made from scratch. Pure beef!



Cheese Burger


I am on a diet so I only ordered buffalo wings. It was also good! My son even finished half of it. I especially love the mayo-mustard sauce. It compliments well with the chicken’s taste.



Bufallo Wings

My cousins ordered Filipino Bibimbap. I forgot to take a photo because I was already busy gorging on my chicken wings when their orders arrived. Lol. I also got to taste their Bibimbap version and it was really good! We got the one with minced beef. The bowl lacks veggies though but I already suggested that on my Facebook review for them (gave 5 stars) and they replied with an enthusiastic yes to the more veggie request.


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.01.40 AM


Customer Service 

The customer service is exceptional despite of the waiting time for the food to be served (took about almost an hour). My barometer for my review is how the staff, as well as the owners, handled us from start to finish. When we entered the Cafe, we were greeted with smiling staff and immediately led us to an available table. Their patience was noted while waiting for us to order. The waitresses looked like they love their job and were immensely pleasant. I guess the owner, Ms. Faith, rubbed off her attitude on her staff because she was exceedingly lovely. But the coloring activity for the son really got me, I was beyond pleased. They were also very entertaining, always asking for an apology about the waiting time. Customer service like that is extremely uncommon here in the Philippines and at a cafe in a city’s barangay? RARE if not NEVER.



The wife and cafe’s owner, Mrs. Faith Armstrong, doing her counter duties. Hats off!



The husband and cafe owner, Mr. James Armstrong, personally serving the customers. How cool is that?


I am beyond pleased to know that we have a cafe like this in our Barangay. I have a home based job and when bored, I sometimes work outside. Now I didn’t have to go downtown to enjoy good food, charming surroundings, and a freaking good customer service. The cafe evaporated most of the dark clouds that the Roxas bombing created in my head. It’s just comforting to know that a place like Gypsy Cafe is just 5 minutes away from my house. Will definitely come back for the milshakes, cakes, pasta and shit like that! 🙂





*Cash only. The Cafe don’t have a cc or debit card terminal for now but the owner said they are currently taking care of it. Will update this blog once they have it.

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