Gecelle Galenzoga: My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and impregnated someone





Gecelle Grace Galenzoga is a 29 year old college Psychology professor. Growing up, she saw how her father, who was a Mathematics professor, was well loved by his students and that became her primary motivation- to be a teacher who doesn’t only share knowledge to her students, but also teach them about life. She said that her passion is to speak in front of people, to share her stories and that’s why she chose this profession.


Gecelle who describes a perfect day as a sunny day with family, mentees* around and lots of food on the table, usually stays at home on her free time to get all the rest that she needs. She also dedicates one free day to bond with 15 girls that she is currently mentoring. They meet once a week to try and encourage each other. She is most proud of seeing people that she care about succeeding. She gets unexplainable fulfillment whenever these people thank her for being a part of their success. Being the kind of person that Gecelle is, she is most afraid of rejection and losing people that she love.


Gecelle says that her strongest personal quality is being a hard core optimistic. “Even with a few seconds left on the shot clock, I still believe that my basketball team, who’s down by 15-point difference against their opponent, can still win. I just don’t give up easily. I also tend to forget past offenses made by people towards me. I knew there was a conflict that happened but I could not remember the reason… always!”.  


The most important decision she made as a woman was setting aside 7 precious years of her life to remain single after her college graduation. “It was a covenant I had with the Lord. The benefits were worth it. I focused on my work and helped my parents with some household expenses. It was also a time for professional growth because I finished my Master’s degree. And most of all, it was a self-protective strategy against all the jerks that came knocking on my heart with no intentions of pursuing it on a lifetime basis. I saw the guys who were impatient and luckily, I also found a man who was willing to go through the process and wait. By the way, the seven-year contract is over. The one who waited also got his prize when I said YES to his heart last April, 2014.”


Gecelle had the most trying time of her life in 2004. Her Dad was illegally dismissed at work. She lost her scholarship at the same school where her dad was working and she couldn’t enroll in other schools because the institution refused to release her school records. “I had to work for a year while waiting for the progress of the filed case. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and impregnated someone. All happened in 2004.”  That was the rock-bottom of her life but what made her get through it was she got herself closer to the Rock of her salvation. “I prayed hard. I mingled with other champions. Then God pulled me through. I don’t know how but all I know is, I’m here. I survived. I won. So go through the process. Keep a right attitude and you’ll soon find out that the future glory will far outweigh all the past troubles. When you live a life of faith and trust, you’ll see right at your very own eyes that you’re paid double for your trouble.” 


Albeit the challenges she faced, she doesn’t want to change anything in her past. Gecelle said it brought her to where she is now. She only wished she had been more obedient to her parents and had a little more patience in waiting for God’s best.


When asked what event of the past she wants to witness if given the chance, “I would like to witness the future if I was married to my ex. Not because I am still holding on to the thought that we could be together, but I would like to compare how happy I am today that I listened to my parents’ advice and gave myself a chance of choosing the best life.” 


“Nothing lasts forever. This is not the usual “Walang Forever” claims of some people. But this means, no tragedy, trial, or trouble that will last forever. And since it is a temporary blow in life, do not seek ways to permanently end your hope, your dream, or your very own life just to feel relief. Hope is coming. Trust me!”

~Gecelle Grace Galenzoga



*mentee – a person who is advised, trained, or counseled by a mentor. (c) Google




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