Everyday glowing look using drugstore make-ups

When I posted a selfie four days ago, a Facebook friend complimented on how great my skin is. I do have a fair skin, at least fairer than the average Filipino color but it’s definitely far from perfect, I just know the right products to use for my everyday make-up.
The selfie that launched this blog lol 
I only use my “expensive” make-ups (mac, urban decay, lancome) on special occasions but for my daily do, I use my favorite drugstore make-ups.  
The BEFORE look 

Here are the list of products that I use to achieve my everyday glowing look: 

1. Evian facial spray (Php 199.00) 

It’s an inexpensive primer that doesn’t make your face look too “cakey”. Nobody wants a cakey face. Also, Philippines has a normally warm weather, this facial spray hydrates your skin for 8 hours. So no matter how stressed out you can get, this spray can help you look radiant all day, everyday. 

2. Celeteque matte moisturizer with SPF 30 (Php 230.00) 

Whoever invented this product deserves a noble prize! No? Okay. but give that brilliant person a gerderm prize! I discovered this product only three months ago and it was inside a bank. I was opening an account and I couldn’t help but notice how radiant the skin is of the teller that was assisting me. I could tell that she’s using a foundation or whatever because her neck area was not as radiant as her face (P.S. don’t make that mistake) but I was staring at her the whole time, trying to figure out the product that she’s using. I badly needed to know because she was literally glowing that I had to stop her in the middle of our transaction and asked for the magic potion. I immediately took a mental note and went straight to the mall after to buy it. What took me by surprise was how affordable Celeteque is! 
This is how it looks with box
the bottle

I usually let the product dry on my face by facing the fan after applying before putting on a lose powder (face powder is okay to use too) so that the product will sit better. A small amount will do to cover the whole facial area. I am still using the first bottle that I bought three months ago.

3. Nichido eyebrow pencil (Php 60.00) 

I use the intense bronze shade because it suits best with my skin color. It is important that you know the shade that blends well with your skin and hair color. Don’t hesitate to play with the testers provided. Buy the best shade that won’t make you look like a Cara-Delevingne-Wanna-Be-Gone-Wrong.

me, some 3 years ago using the wrong shade and wrong eyebrow shape. Hahaha! No, just NO! 

4. Nichido eyeliner (Php 68.00) 

Been using this product for 6 years now because it is easy to use, manage and its CHEAP! When used everyday, it will last for up to 3 months. It is not waterproof though so think twice when crying with this product on. 

bought this 5 months ago, still alive and kickin! lol 

5. IN2IT sheer shimmer blush (Php 375.00) 

I love this product because it doesn’t easily come off plus it’s an instant highlighter.


6. Ever Bilena matte lipstick, Pink Flame shade (Php 145.00) 

My favorite drugstore lipstick! 

almost retiring

For me, the key to getting the best everyday look is to always strive for the “natural” look. Remember that not everything is “hiyang” for our skin. What may work for me, may not work for you. It took me awhile to find the products that are best for my face and skin type. Also, since I have a passion for make-ups, I dedicated some of my extra hours to research on make up reviews and tutorials. 
Physical beauty is nothing without a beautiful heart and personality but why not have both if you can. 

Take it from Gerald Butler from the movie The Ugly Truth 
the AFTER look

Capping this blog with the side by side before and after grid for a better comparison.

The selfies posted were not filtered to give you the exact result.

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