Edna’s Filipino Cuisine and Pinoy Pinay Resto in L.A.

So I was cleaning my laptop and came across tons of photos from my U.S. trip last year that I haven’t uploaded yet- and OMG, I realized that I haven’t really blogged about most of my hustles there! So this week, I will try to dedicate some time to write about important events from that trip.

I am a huge Filipino food lover so on my third day in the States without rice and eating mostly burgers, steaks, and hotel food, made me cranky. Thank God, my mom flew to L.A. from New York to be with me that when she asked where to go on our first U.S. date together, I immediately said “FILIPINO RESTO!” with passion. Lol.


Edna’s Filipino Cuisine

The place is like a “Class A” karinderya version in the Philippines. It is located at 2540 Santa Fe Ave Long Beach, California. Only 10 minutes away from my hotel. The restaurant felt like being in Cecil’s or at my University’s food court. It is very Filipino! I like the fact that they kept it that way. Ate Edna, the owner, was extremely accommodating and talkative which was totally a plus point because I love talking. Lol.



Neat place



Food stall for dishes with sauce




Food stall for fried dishes



Oh-my-gawd! All of my favorite Filipino food are served in this resto!




Filipino pork barbecue and grilled hito.



The owners doing the serving themselves.


Pinoy Pinay Filipino Restaurant





We went here on my last days in L.A. before going to N.Y. I have no excuse for not taking photos on the inside. I guess I was really hungry then. Lol. This place is bigger than Edna’s and offers more choices like halo-halo, Filipino delicacies like kakanin, lug-lug atbp. It is located in 11900 South St Ste 108 Cerritos, California which is known as a Filipino swarmed community.



Can still remember the satisfaction of eating Filipino food in the states. Ginataang monggo and caldereta- for the win!

I will always love Filipino food. It’s so comforting to know that we can visit the US without really missing the food home. Can’t wait to share more of my U.S. trip to you guys! 🙂

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