Commitment and Chill

Renz and I had a fight last week.


Taken from his IG story last month before going back to Batanes 🙁


It was an intense fight that we almost broke up. I don’t want to get into details but the fight is about business and our responsibilities. He said something that made me extremely upset, I was so convinced I am done with him. I  deactivated my Facebook account- which we all know is a petty move nowadays when you don’t want to draw drama on your Facebook by posting cryptic quotes and “patama”. It’s the kind of petty that I aspire to be than be a pathetic mess on my social media accounts.



We made up the day after and it was because he was persistent. I didn’t answer his texts and calls even if he texted I love yous and apologized. I was MAD. The kind of mad when you wouldn’t even care to cry because you are so over it- or at least that’s what I thought. It was his text in the afternoon that pacified me. It was about acceptance and the assurance that he will always be there. I called him and we got extremely adoring again like nothing happened. What? I love the man. Sue me.

The next days were filled with overwhelming efforts from him. From calling every now and then to check on me and our business- to making sure that I am updated on his activities. He was so committed that he drunk called to let me know that he’s already home after attending a fiesta bisperas at his uncle’s town (Diura Fishing Village). He couldn’t even remember calling me that he had to text when he sobered up and was exceedingly apologetic that he wasn’t able to update. On the day of the fiesta, he attended the celebrations but didn’t drink because he doesn’t want to upset me. I just can’t love this man enough that it inspired me to write this blog.

Like any couple, we don’t have a perfect relationship. We fight a lot. He annoys me, I annoy him. We have no idea how we ended up having a successful business with our bearing. I guess it’s the need for each other. We do everything together even if we are not physically together. More than love, we respect each other.



Commitment is indeed a very rare thing. I haven’t had anyone in my life (that I am in love with) this committed. We are in a long distance relationship for almost a year now and it wouldn’t have worked without the two of us actually wanting it to work. It’s both wonderful and scary because of all the risks. What’s awesome is that we face the risks together. With this man, I have never felt alone.

I always share on Facebook our conversations and believe me, that’s just a fraction of how sweet this guy truly is. He’s in a relationship with someone who has SLE, severe anxiety and depression. Go figure.

With Renz, I always feel a security blanket is wrapped around me all the time that all I have to do is chill.





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