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I Dated Myself For A Day and This Is What Happened

Yes, you read that right, I dated myself. I am single and I currently don’t date (by choice, I just need to point that out, okay? Lol). I have no one to go out with. Two of my closest friends now live in Visayas (on two separate Philippine Islands), the other one can’t find time…

Gecelle Galenzoga: My ex-boyfriend cheated on me and impregnated someone

      Gecelle Grace Galenzoga is a 29 year old college Psychology professor. Growing up, she saw how her father, who was a Mathematics professor, was well loved by his students and that became her primary motivation- to be a teacher who doesn’t only share knowledge to her students, but also teach them about life….

Amabelle Yuzon: I’m afraid of a lot of things

      Mabel Yuzon is a businesswoman who is happily married and has two wonderful kids. Although she runs operations for Alchemy Outsourcing, a BPO company in Davao City and also a part owner of Club Echelon, she always put her family on top of her list placing everything else as secondary. “We make…

May Divino: Family is Everything

Mrs. May B. Divino is a 48 year old, gorgeous mother of 7 who along with her husband, owns and manages Wheels Parts and Industrial Supply located in Guerrero St., Davao City.     Having been pregnant at 20 years old, out of wedlock and undergraduate, Mrs. Divino sees her wedding and graduation day as…

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