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North Batan is usually the first-day itinerary if you get a package tour in Batanes. I arrived in this heavenly place around 8am and since I didn’t have any sleep because of my Davao-Manila-Batanes flight schedule, I asked the tour guide if we can begin with the tour after lunch so that I can get a nap. We left Ysabelle Homestay around 2pm.



First stop is the Welcome to Basco signage. Basco is the capital of Batanes. It is where the airport and my hostel are located.


Welcome to Basco

The second stop is the Mt. Carmel/Tukon Chapel. This chapel has a beautiful history. Read more about the making of this chapel here from one of my favorite travel bloggers.


Mt. Carmel Chapel or Tukon Chapel

Mt. Carmel Chapel


Tukon Chapel

Inside Mt. Carmel Chapel

Third Stop is Idjang Ruins. According to my tour guide, idjang means mountain fortresses and was the home of the original Ivatans before Spaniards colonized the Philippines.


Idjang Ruins



Idjang Ruins


Next is the Dipnaysuhwan Japanese Tunnel. The tunnel was the least of my favorite among the tourist spots because I have claustrophobia. I believe I only stayed inside for less than 2 minutes when I started to have an anxiety attack.  Even the tunnel photo creeps me out, yikes!


Dipnaysuhwan Japanese Tunnel Batanes

Dipnaysuhwan Japanese Tunnel


Dipnaysuhwan Japanese Tunnel Batanes

Japanese Tunnel Entrance



Japanese Tunnel Exit

Next stop was the Valugan Boulder Beach. One of my fave spots! Geez, I could have stayed on this beach FOREVER! The place is RAVISHING! Too bad it rained, but luckily after taking photos. The guide suggested that we go back after the tour but we didn’t because I was already exhausted by the end of the trip from lack of sleep.


Valugan Boulder Beach Batanes

Valugan Boulder Beach


Sixth is the Sto. Domingo Cathedral. This cathedral has withstood typhoons and fires in the past. This church is very special to me because I went to hear mass here on my birthday.


Sto. Domingo Cathedral, Batanes

Sto. Domingo Cathedral



Lucky number 7 stop is the Vayang Rolling Hills. Ughhhhhhhhhh, my favorite spot on the island! One of the reasons why I wanna go back because I want to be dramatic and read a book on this very spot! I literally cried because I felt so blessed having the chance to feast my eyes on such beauty! Also went sunset viewing here which was magical.

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes

Vayang Rolling Hills

Last stop of the North Batan tour was the Naidi Hills Lighthouse. I have always been fascinated with lighthouses, imagine my delight when I finally got to see one in flesh (or in concrete lol)!


Naidi Hills Batanes

Naidi Hills Lighthouse


Supposedly included in the North Batan tour itinerary are the Fundacion Pacita, a popular hotel/nature lodge in Basco which was temporarily closed for renovation from the ruins brought about by the previous storm, just days before my arrival; and the Pag-Asa Complex which was also ruined by the typhoon.





Beehan Batanes

Beehan Place


We toured North Batan from 2-5pm. I was hungry after the trip since I had no decent food since the day before. The guide suggested that we go to Beehan- a popular short order little resto in Basco.


Pancit Beehan Batanes

Pancit Beehan


We ordered Pancit Beehan and Siomai. Siomai tasted and looked like Gyoza to my delight. Sorry didn’t take a pic of it coz I was too hungry, I immediately gorged on it. Lol. Pancit Beehan was really good too but the serving was too big for me, didn’t finish it.








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