Amabelle Yuzon: I’m afraid of a lot of things





Mabel Yuzon is a businesswoman who is happily married and has two wonderful kids. Although she runs operations for Alchemy Outsourcing, a BPO company in Davao City and also a part owner of Club Echelon, she always put her family on top of her list placing everything else as secondary.

“We make sure AJ and I give quantity and quality time for the kids – they won’t be kids forever and we want them to grow up knowing their parents did what they can with the hope they’ll continue the legacy with our future (very very far away future) grand kids. Being passionate with my career, marrying my match, having kids and coming to a decision that we work hard not just for the present but to have something to leave to our kids.” Mabel said.

Mabel made the BPO industry as her stepping-stone to get where she is right now. She said she loves the dynamics of the BPO industry because it breaks almost all normalcy and stereotype in an office setting. It was also in a BPO company that she experienced her most embarrassing moment. “It was my first interview for a huge center in Manila.. I was all jitters so I had to go to the wash room first.. got my resume wet and my zipper was still open when I answered the question: what’s your greatest trait – I am analytical and very keen with details.

Mabel is challenged everyday with the¬†moral responsibility of making sure 500 people would still have salary and work the following day. She works and multi task like there’s no tomorrow. She always makes sure to drive her team and work with them to achieve goals. “It’s not always about money or fame or awards – having a team with a common goal and reaching that goal is way better than that. Earning respect from your colleagues and your boss is the best reward.

When asked about what she is most afraid of, Mabel has the best answer, “I’m afraid of a lot of things, I fear I might be too strict or too lenient to my children, I’m afraid that they grow up too fast, that they might get hurt, the list goes on and on – it’s not so easy to be a working mom but I would not have it any other way.

Mabel considers understanding people her strongest trait. She doesn’t judge quickly and she has the capacity to be genuinely happy for other people – “which is a scarcity nowadays“, she said.


“Failure really makes you better – it’s not a cliche. It can only be called a failure when you refuse to learn from it. Be kinder to yourself. Build a career but do not forget your family – they’re your anchor and reason.” ~Mabel Yuzon¬†


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