About the Blogger

Welcome to The Streetsmart Fashionista site!
My name is Cassie and I am so glad you finally found my page! 😉

Like most girls in the world, I love fashion! 

I love clothes



make ups


well, let’s be honest, girls love eating too! 

I basically love everything that this beautiful life has to offer. 

I especially love cheap finds and life hacks

I made this blog to share everything that I learned in my life. 

To help and empower women

I mostly give tips here but I sometimes write about my feelings about relationships

and just everything under the sun too! 

You are very much welcome to surf my site and find things that might help you out. 

Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions. 

Here’s a very cool music to jumpstart your day. 😉  



Stay classy!  Have fun! Be a Streetsmart Fashionista!