Tried both ABH Pomade and Milani SPB (So you don’t have to!)

Hi, my name is Cassie and I’m a make-up addict. (Make up addicts: Hi Cassie!)

Alright, In case you haven’t heard the news yet, I am currently obsessed with make-up; OMG!


I’ve been doing a lot of live video tutorials on my personal Facebook account the past weeks and I’m so happy to have gained a few followers. I already have a number of girls sending me private messages, asking me for suggestions, make-up advices and requests for a live video tutorial for a certain look. I also see girls on my newsfeed, posting selfies of their make-up journey. These are only some of the reasons why I love doing what I do. To be able to inspire women to discover their passions, to have make-up as stress relievers for house wives/moms and be better versions of themselves, give me so much joy, that I sometimes feel like I am a make-up hero. Lol. Wait, did I just say make-up hero? Oh no, someone exorcise me! HAHAHA!



My favorite youtube makeup guru: NikkieTutorials


Okay, back to the main topic: Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade vs. Milani Stay Put Brow Colors 

I want to blog about this review because as much as I want to do live videos for my blog followers, I have no idea how to do that yet. Still thinking if I should do it on my Facebook page or just do a live video on my personal account and make the video public so that my followers could watch it (please hit the comment box for suggestions!). Not sure how to do that yet. However, I am saving up for a really nice professional video camera because I am thinking of doing YouTube tutorials. I like doing Facebook live though because it’s easier to interact with my viewers and answer their questions real time. Saves me a lot of online presence and I didn’t have to spend hours for edits. But I am seriously thinking on doing YouTube videos so that my viewers can save precious viewing time as well. Facebook live can be really long because of the real time interactions in between tutorials. This blog is also for those who don’t have time to watch videos and would rather read.


MIlani Stay Put Brows 

I bought my Milani Stay Put Brows December of last year but was just able to use it last April. This is how it looks. It comes along with an eyebrow and spoolie brush. This is known to be a dupe for ABH Pomade and is a drugstore make-up.



Milani Stay Put Brow in Dark Brown



Spoolie Brush that comes along with the Stay Put Brow Kit


Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade


I bought mine a week ago and OMG, let the pictures below explain why I am so in love with this pomade!



Anastasia Beverly Hills in Dark Brown


The Application 



Me without make-up. Yep, I look like tish. Goodbye dignity. Hello later!



After applying ABH Pomade. Yas, right brow slaying AF!



Closer look.



After Milani Stay Put Brow application. Please notice my unhappy face. Ha!



Closer look. Ugh, so unhappy! Notice the unfilled areas.



Here’s an arrow to prove my unhappiness. Top priority.



Because I was unhappy with Milani SPB, I filled it in with ABH Pomade. I am now very happy. HAHAHAH! GHAD, I am writing this at 11:40 PM. Please forgive the zero fvcks I give for smartsie sentences.



ended up using ABH pomade for both eyebrows because Milani SPB just can’t kill it and I need to slay all-the-freaking-time! Nose is not slaying though because this review is not a contour review, okay?


Why am I unhappy with Milani Stay Put Brow?

I only opened my MIlani SPB last April. It was fine when I first opened it but it went dry and patchy. I also have to dip several times to get the eyebrow look that I want. I even had to use my blackout shade in my Naked 2 Palette  to fill in some areas because of the unevenness of the color.



dry and patchy

I however love the brush that came along with this kit, it’s very precise and has density to it. I love using it!


Why am I very satisfied with ABH Pomade?


OMG hello?! Let the photos prove it! What I love the most about this product is I only have to dip the brush once or twice for me to get the eyebrow look that I want. I love this product so much! It’s so soft, smooth and has a high pigmented formula that makes it very easy to apply. It also dries fast too!



So smooth!



For 475 pesos ($10), Milani is not that bad plus it comes along with a really nice eyebrow and spoolie brush; a must have for a make-up junkie. Though I am not satisfied with the actual product, I am very satisfied with the brush. Also, ABH eyebrow brush will cost you 1,200.00 pesos ($26)- almost the same amount as the ABH pomade which I bought for 1,300.00 pesos ($28). So I guess if you still don’t have the budget and would like to try the Milani SPB first, the brush would be totally worth it. But, if you don’t have any budget issues, I would say, go for ABH and get the Milani kit for the brush because “money is not an issue”. Hahaha!



Me when I have to choose between food and make-up. Duh?


Hope you guys enjoyed this review. Comments, suggestions, no violent reaction please; let’s keep this place classy not trashy- hit the comment box! 🙂


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