My 500 Peso Makeup Challenge

FYI: No one actually challenged me to do this but myself. Hahaha! I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube Tutorials lately and I figured why not do it myself? So the challenge is you need to buy make-ups to create a full face makeup look with only 500 peso to spend.


The Products I Bought 


500 peso makeup challenge


  1. Powder from Careline 



Careline Powder in Honey shade




2. Eyebrow Pencil from Nichido 





3. Mascara and eyeliner 2n1 from Nichido 






4. Careline Liquid Make-Up 







5. Eyeshadow Palette with FREE lipstick 






The Result 



The result after applying all the make-up on.



Right side view for eyeshadow, eyebrow and eyeliner



Left side view for eyeshadow, eyebrow and eyeliner



After one hour

Make-up after four hours. Foundation melted off of my face so I applied my first retouch of Careline powder. Didn’t like it at all.



Six hours after application. Hello oily face! That “foundation” is no oil control at all.


Powder retouch after a nap and 8 hours after application. It may not show it, but my face looks chalky here that I almost looked like a clown. I so do not like that Careline powder.


11 hours after application. I only got to retouch once for the lipstick. Retouched thrice for the powder. No retouch for eyebrows, eyeshadow and eyeliner.


Make-up Review: YAY OR NAY


  1. Careline Powder (100.00)– I DO NOT LIKE IT! STAY AWAY FROM IT! DEFINITELY A NAY!
  2. Nichido Eyebrow Pencil (60.00)– I am very impressed with this product. It stayed on my brows for the whole duration of my waking hours. Although it can get messy but I believe a primer will help for the pencil to give a cleaner look. I have yet to test that theory. Hmmm… So YAY!
  3. Nichido Mascara and eyeliner 2n1 (RP is 168.00 but got it with a 25% off so I only spent 126.00 for this product)– What I can say is you get what you pay for. This product is not that good because the mascara doesn’t bring volume to the lashes while the eyeliner is not waterproof and has the tendency to blot if you are not careful. But for 126 pesos? I couldn’t complain!  YAY!
  4. Careline Liquid Foundation– It has a nice coverage when you apply it on your face but I would not recommend it if you are looking for a product that would stay on your face for a long period of time. It melted off my face, 2 hours after applying. But to be fair, it could be because of my skin chemistry? I don’t know. For 90 pesos, really, I couldn’t complain. Maybe you should try it. So I am neither a NAY or YAY for this one. I’m in between.
  5. Nichido eyeshadow palette with FREE lipstick– The eyeshadow was not easy to blend and the lipstick made out tiny particles on my lips but for a hundred peso for both products? I couldn’t be any grateful! I believe if I used primer, the eyeshadow would give a fuller color. I have yet to test that out too so YAY for this product!


For those who would rather watch a video than read, here’s a collated snaps from my Snapchat 12 hour make-up review. This is also for you girls who don’t have Snapchat. If you do have Snapchat and haven’t followed me yet, my username is CassieAuxj.

In this video I did my best to be transparent as possible. I am a VA by profession, I work at home so I didn’t care on fixing my hair and make it look cute for y’all because I normally don’t fix my hair when I’m just working.

Also, I just realized that this is my first ever make-up video so let’s keep it down on the negative comments. Okay? Always remember to stay classy, not trashy. Besos bella!




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